Hail damage is a real threat to

  your roof.

  Your insurance should help.


Creased shingles show vulnerability in your roof which will eventually cause further problems.


Missing shingles expose felt and decking which cause leaks in your roof, ceiling and costly repairs.


Wind and hail storms continually hit the area we live in. These storms may have damaged your roof, shorting its lifespan and leading to future problems such as granule loss, cracked, torn or missing shingles. We can help! We are your claims specialist. We have performed thousands of inspections and have helped homeowners work with their insurance companies to recover the cost involved in replacing their roof as well as other damaged property such as ceiling and drywall repairs from a leaking roof, damaged gutters, fences, gazebos, decks, and windows just to name a few. 


What we do?

  • FREE NO OBLIGATION Roof Inspections

  • Meet with your insurance adjuster

  • In-home sample showing

  • Use and install AMERICAN made GAF new roofing systems. We NEVER reuse or recycle old shingles.

  • We offer a 10 year Workmanship Warranty. Our warranty is transferable to a second homeowner due to sale of your home.

  • Exceed the industry standards in installation.

  • Year-round installations

Would you go to court without an attorney? NO you would not. Don't deal with your insurance company on your own. We have trained specialists that will work as your voice with your insurance company. We will consult with your assigned claims adjuster to determine the scope and cost of repairs that need to be made to your home. You have paid your insurance premium for years, we are here to help you maximize your claim so these repairs will be paid by your insurance company, not you. Most people are unaware that these types of damage are in fact covered by your homeowner/property insurance.  Call today to schedule a FREE NO OBLIGATION roof inspection. With us you are covered from roof to floor.



Greater Nashville: 615-462-7253
24 hr cell:615-293-7990 
Kingsport/Tri-Cities: 423-943-9113

See what Cook's and GAF has to offer by clicking on the Virtual Roof Simulator you can see the color and types of shingles we available. You can also find the "style" of your home and view your color choice to get an idea of what your new GAF roof will look like.


We live in Tennessee, we are NOT Storm Chasers. We are here to provide you honest, reliable, and trustworthy services. We are here to help you "weather" the storm, and will be here long after it passes.

With Cook's you are covered from Roof to Floor.


"Weather" you use Cook's or another company, make sure that your Roofer/Contractor is Licensed and Properly Insured!

At Cook's we carry full liability and workmen's comp insurance.

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